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May 20th 2015 Radio Show

May 19, 2015

  Hi everyone, I will be on Ms. Deborah Moore's radio show on Wednesday May 20th, 2015; below is the outline and the content is subject to change according to Ms. Moore and flow of program; I ...read more…

April 22nd, 2015 Radio Show

Apr 22, 2015

Hi everyone! Enjoying the spring weather?  I've been busy attending classes and presently working with my dear friend, who is helping me to redesign my blog!  I am so excited about this new project...read more…

Easy Saturday Brunch at Farmer's Apprentice

Jun 17, 2014

One late May sunny Saturday morning, at exactly 11:10am, we were already sitting outside of Farmer's Apprentice restaurant, waiting anxiously for the restaurant to open for brunch.  I figured 20 mi...read more…

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RECIPE: Korean Japchae (Vegetarian Version)

Nov 18, 2014Entrée

Cooking does take a lot of patience, some dishes require more patience than others and I find japchae is one of them. The cooking time is actually quite short, the most time-consuming part is the f...read more…

RECIPE: Wafu Whole Tomato Rice

Nov 18, 2014Entrée

  As soon as I saw Hong Kong food blogger "Foods Sensei"'s  (also on Facebook) Wafu Tomato rice posting, I wanted to make it immediately! Apparently the original Japanese Whole Tomato Rice rec...read more…